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With over 35 years of experience, I specialize in Commercial and Fine Art Photography. I also photograph Portraits, Architecture, Tourism, Nature and Wildlife. I'm located in central Arkansas, near Little Rock, but willing to travel. If you have any photographic need, feel free to contact me.

Artist statement...

My passion is photography. It gives me a great excuse to explore our world and capture unique images. I enjoy the concept of exploration with the hope of discovering something special and capturing it -- freezing a moment of time and place. My work tends to focus in areas where I have the freedom to maximize my creativity, with little pressure of time and place. Whether it be landscapes, waterscapes, architecture, wildlife, macro, or portraits, I look to use my creativity and seek-out a unique perspective. I study the subject, composition, light and movement, and work to bring these together into one frame to tell a story. It may be my story or it may be one of yours. I don't always work in color, I often shoot in black-and-white and infrared. My strongest influences have been Ansel Adams, Gordon Parks, Galen Rowell, David Muench, and Frans Lanting.
Self Portrait
Photograph © Kelly Shipp

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Recent Awards...

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My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic. I didn't have a strong interest in photography at the time; my interest was more inclined to the outdoors. As my explorations continued, I became more intimate with nature. As I began to see more moments I wanted to capture on film, the more I wanted to capture them.

From that point, I began to purchase photography books, study camera equipment, and in 1980, began a more serious approach toward photography. I purchased one of the early Nikon cameras with a few, basic lenses. I quickly became the annual photographer for the high school, and subsequently became a special occasion and wedding photographer. Photography courses helped in learning the basics and art courses helped in my artistic expression. I went through the drawing phase and the oil painting phase, but quickly returned to photography as my main 'focus'. My first photo essay, which I had completed for a photojournalism course, was also accepted by the local newspaper and was printed in a two-page spread.


Today, my specialties include: Fine Art, Tourism, Commercial, Architecture, Portraiture, Landscapes and Nature. My achievements range from local contest awards, published photo essays in newspapers, assisting with the direction of a local photography clubs, over 60+ postcards in production, postcard books, over 30 phone book covers, brochures, exhibit backdrops, calendars, books, and gallery and private sales.

I am a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and APPA (Arkansas Professional Photographers Association).

If you have any need for photography, please contact me via my feedback page. My e-mail address and phone number are also listed at the top of this page.


...on portrait photography... I pride myself in taking an extra initiative in capturing personalities. I want to photograph more than a face or figure. My goal is that with each photograph, there is something special about that image. There are those mall studios that can have you in-and-out in 20 minutes, but are they really artists intent on capturing your personality? Not likely. If you want a unique, fun photo session, please contact me.

I aspire to capture the natural, genuine expressions. Whether it's a child in mid-laugh, an adult being childish, a teen being anything they want to be, or an animal with a human expression. I capture those special moments so they are preserved and cherished forever. I have a particular passion for black-and-white photography. I typically prefer not to 'pose' people, I want them to look as natural as possible. Natural light is preferred over studio lights. Please contact me for your portrait needs. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

...on commercial photography... My goal is to provide a creative vision. I typically have a unique perspective due to an artistic background in various mediums. It can be a bird in mid-flight, a flower in mid-bloom, or a building in the clouds - regardless of the challenge, I enjoy the creative task. Please contact me for any commercial photography needs you may have.

Equipment Used...

Images older than 2004 were shot with Nikon film cameras ranging from the FE black bodies to the F4s (still my favorite of all time). Most of those images were shot using either Kodachrome 25/64 or Fuji Velvia. Images since 2004 have been shot using the Nikon and Canon Pro digital cameras.

© Copyright...

All images shown were made by Kelly Shipp and are copyrighted. No image may be used without permission from Kelly Shipp.

Professional Associations:

PPA Member         APPA Member


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